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Mid Atlantic Episcopal District Summit and Commissioning Service

Change Has Come To The Freedom Church!


Major changes have come upon the AME Zion Church

and it came swiftly and is sweeping!

Ever since the Restructuring Commission released its report entitled THE CASE FOR CHANGE at the Board of Bishop’s Winter Meeting at the Kenneth Monroe Transformation Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina on February 17, 2016, there’s been widespread anticipation for its presentation to the General Conference. There’s even a website that anyone can visit at (www.amezrsc.com)

The recommendations were configured in three areas: 1. Episcopal District Realignment; 2. Administrative Boards Reorganization; 3. General Officers and Management Restructuring. Each of these areas reflect their own intrinsic issues but the areas with the most anticipated implementation problems were Administrative Boards Reorganization and the General Officers and Management Restructuring.

Episcopal District Realignment recommendations included the consolidation of Mid-Atlantic I &II into a central Mid-Atlantic Episcopal District. This will allow for a new Central-Southern African Episcopal District.

As it relates to the Administrative Boards Reorganization and the General Officers and Management Restructuring, the recommendation to create a COO position seemed to be the most troubling. Troubling it may be, it was not an impediment to the swift and sweeping change to come. Now comes the hard work of implementation.

The Commission found this out early in their work as they gather information for their report. Some have been waiting for this change and are skeptical and others are fearful of change and need information as to how it will impact them.

We Will See!

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